9 S o/CVR 1857 Stampless cvr ELORA SP 23 1857 CE,FREE H/S in black. B/S GUELPH(super strike),Lrg TORONTO arrival to Comm Crown Lands who was Etienne Paschal Tache VF

SB   45.00

     10 P o/CVR 1857 stampless cvr to JEAN LANGEVIN (brother of Hector Langevin) MONEY LETTER + REGISTERED manuscript, rated 2/4 TERRE BONNE double cir.+ manuscript B/S Montreal + red Quebec. VF and beautiful cover

10 Backside

SB   125.00

     11 S o/CVR 1859 Stampless Cvr (O.H.M.S) from Famous Politician & Railroader Hon. PM. Vankoughuet,AU 9 1859 UC. B/S COLLINGWOOD HARBOUR Lrg CDS, TORONTO arrival. F-VF

SB   55.00

CANADIAN COVERS (see Provincial, Cancel, other Topicals sections for many more)

     12 C o/CVR 4 Imprint Pair (paying the 6p rate to USA) MONTREAL AU16/1858 U.C. broken double circle plus a #21 4-ring cancel (2 strikes) to Mrs L.J.A. Papineau (wife of the writer, Louis Joseph Amedee Papineau, son of Louis Papineau) care of James Westcott (Amedee Father-in-Law) in Saratoga Springs NY. Neatly writen up and includes research images.

12 Backside

12 Detail

12 Photo

SB   750.00

     13 P o/CVR 15 KINGSTON NO17/62 C.W. spl.cir. + interesting grid to Toronto to PATTON,OSLER, MOSS(took over Sir John A. MacDonald's law firm). Letter probably from John A's firm in Kingston. VF

SB   100.00

     14 P o/CVR 15 Vertical Pair (paying 10 Cent rate to USA) TORONTO MAY 20/62 CW + 2 strikes of TORONTO Diamond Bar to Pittsford NY USA. F-VF

SB   100.00

     15 S o/CVR 15 MURRAY MAY18/CW+manuscript B/S Brighton My19/63,Montreal arrival Missing Flap Fine.

15 Backside

SB   50.00

     16 C o/CVR 27 (Deep Choc Brown 6c L/Q) ST JOHN AU 5 1871 NEW BRUNSWICK + 2-ring #7 to New York

SB   150.00

     17 P o/PS 34(14) the odd stamp fault as expected) R in cir. PICTOU FE15/97 N.S. square circle and CDS, B/S same, RPO MA248 Toronto.Fine

17 Backside

SB   75.00

     18 S o/PS 34 Pair + 2c P.Stat. HAMILTON 3 RING ORB 18/SP1/96 CANADA B/S Montreal.VF

SB   50.00

     19 P o/CVR 34 tied by light smudge cancel B/S Liverpool Ja30/92 NS on unsealed env. F-VF


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